Transparent, Objective, reliable third-party testing


Why Hemp Lab Results Important

Our testing is performed by an unbiased, unaffiliated, third party company which examines all of our products. This testing is done to determine the ingredients in our products, product potency, terpene profile, and many more! Since hemp is not regulated by the FDA, it is important for us to show full transparency to our customers. We are proud of our products and have the lab results to prove it!

Third Party Lab

Our 3rd party lab results and COA’s (Certificate Of Analysis) come from state certified labs like Green Scientific, using the most reliable analytical instruments in the industry.

Complete Profile

View the entire spectrum and breakdown of every plant profile. Trust results delivered by exact milligram and total percentage. 

QR Convenience

All of our products have QR codes on the label to verify lab results and COA’s when scanned. Try it yourself with any QR reader (available for free on smartphone app stores)

How to read HEMP lab results (and what to look for)

Watch for hemp lab results that are not certified by a valid testing lab, and ask for 3rd party results if the results presented are signed off by the company who is selling the product. Look out for high ppm (or even higher ppb numbers) on heavy metals and pesticides. Check the results to see if they reach the amount claimed on the product label. A full and/or broad spectrum hemp product should show a value for plant profiles.


We test the final finished product, not just the source material, showing our customers exactly what the lab shows us, because we believe in full transparency and we are proud of the quality of our products. Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to forms of measurement or results on any of our COA’s.